Web Application Development: HR Self-Service


We have carried out the development of Web Applications for Cencosud, a prominent retail company with Chilean roots that operates in various countries, including Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and the United States. Cencosud encompasses a variety of supermarket chains, construction and home supplies, sanitary items, and shopping centers.

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Web Application Development Challenges

Integrating self-services from multiple countries into a cloud platform, unifying functionalities for common use.

Developing a new version of the self-service specifically for Colombia, with enhancements in process flows and new features, integrating it with the local settlement system in Informix.

Achieving a unified user experience for employees across different countries.

Web Application Development Solutions

  1. We improved existing functionalities, such as personal data management with approval workflows, payslip printing, and employee credit. Additionally, we introduced new features, such as configurable DIAN certificates and a new digital vacation flow.
  2. For the connection with Informa (Informix Payroll Processor), we developed a Java Spring-based middleware. We also implemented a reporting server (Jasper Server) for certificate generation. As an additional objective, we migrated part of the HR management for Colombia to Peoplesoft.
  3. Through AWS API Management application, we created a microservices architecture that facilitates the incorporation of new countries into the application, generating the corresponding backend. These backends can be hosted on beanstalk, containers, lambda functions, among others.
  4. We developed a common backend for all countries, simplifying the implementation of country-specific functionalities through its interface.
  5. We implemented a robust security system that regulates access to application functions based on the employee’s sector, allowing access segregation by country, business unit, location, position, and other criteria.
  6. We leveraged AWS infrastructure to design a microservices-based architecture, using technologies adapted to specific needs, considering scalability and future maintenance.
  7. To ensure user security and authentication, we integrated the solution with ADFS, already used in Cencosud. This allowed centralized management of identities and credentials, facilitating user administration and the implementation of robust security policies.