Oracle PeopleSoft FSCM Implementation for Hospital Doctor Gustavo Fricke – SSVQ

Client: Hospital Doctor Gustavo Fricke – SSVQ

Ataway Buenos Aires has been chosen to support Hospital Dr. Gustavo Fricke in the on-premise implementation of PeopleSoft FSCM.

Hospital Dr. Gustavo Fricke is a highly complex public hospital located in the city of Viña del Mar, Chile. It is the most complex establishment of health service, in addition to being a national reference center for heart transplants and cardiovascular surgery.

Oracle PeopleSoft FSCM

Main Challenges Oracle PeopleSoft FSCM

– Processes improvement through the adoption of new technologies, allowing the activities standardization and simplifying the tasks executed by the hospital personnel (clinic and administrative).
– Improve the communication between internal processes.
– Share information between institutions and other state-owned systems.
– Contribute to the improvement on each institution information analysis. 

Ongoing solution:

PeopleSoft FSCM modules: AM, PC, MM
– PeopleSoft HCM 


The implementation was awarded through a public bid which included other solutions (Health Management, ESB, Business Intelligence, Service Desk), being Ataway responsible for the ERP part. All of the customer requirements included on the bid had to be met in order to win the bidding. During the project lifecycle each requirement followed through and was revalidated with the customer, having an end to end tracking of what was needed and what was delivered. 

The Oracle PeopleSoft FSCM application was successfully integrated with the core healthcare solution and other public systems, bringing new response times and generating a new work culture across the institution. 

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