Digital Transformation at MetroGAS – RPA

MetroGAS, one of the leading public utilities companies in Argentina with a customer base exceeding 2.4 million users, has successfully undergone a digital transformation in collaboration with Ataway. The primary goal of this effort was to enhance internal processes in critical areas such as Human Resources, Treasury, Administration, Readings, and Operations.

Digital Transformation MetroGAS – RPA Stages

Process Discovery: A thorough analysis of five different areas was conducted to identify and select processes suitable for automation.

Process Survey: Once identified, a detailed survey of the selected processes was carried out.

Process Reengineering: The processes were restructured to make them suitable for automation.

Comprehensive Documentation: All processes were meticulously documented to ensure complete understanding and efficient management.

Automation Development: Automations were developed using Automation Anywhere, following best development practices.


As a result, 25 highly complex Bots were implemented, freeing analysts from tedious and repetitive tasks. Analysts now oversee the functioning and results generated by these automations. Furthermore, thanks to sound development practices, these automations are robust, requiring minimal maintenance and support.

The automated systems encompassed web pages, SAP, PDF, office suites, and more. Some of the automated processes included:

  • Assembly and generation of tax and commission accounting entries in the ERP system.
  • Tax control for all invoices issued by the company.
  • Correction of M3 reports submitted by meter readers.
  • Accounting balance between accounts.
  • Generation of advances.
  • Reports of payments to third parties.
  • Internal communications to employees.

This project represented a milestone in Metrogas’s modernization, enabling better resource utilization and greater operational efficiency.

Scope of Activities

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Service: Consultancy and Development.
Duration: 15 months of development and support service.