Process Automation with RPA for Volkswagen

Volkswagen Group Argentina, a leading German company specializing in vehicle manufacturing with over 40 years of presence in Argentina, is headquartered in Pacheco, Buenos Aires Province. In October 2021, they initiated a fruitful collaboration with Ataway in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), with the aim of enhancing efficiencies across various areas of the organization through consulting, process automation, and support services.

RPA Implementation Stages

Process Discovery: In an initial partnership between Volkswagen and Automation Anywhere, a selection of processes to be continuously automated was identified, providing Ataway with a strong operational foundation.

Process Assessment: Following Volkswagen’s selection of processes, detailed assessments and estimations were conducted.

Process Redesign: Ataway undertook process redesign to optimize them before proceeding with the necessary automation.

Comprehensive Documentation: Comprehensive documentation of all processes was performed to ensure a complete understanding and efficient management, with these records shared with Volkswagen.

Automation Development: Ataway took on the challenge of automating processes, meeting established deadlines, conducting rigorous testing, and demonstrating functionality to users from various departments, culminating in the presentation of results to Volkswagen.

RPA Implementation Solution

After two years of collaboration, the project focused on cost reduction and increased productivity in partnership with Volkswagen. They implemented 33 RPA robots in critical areas such as finance, logistics, marketing, production, supplies, IT, and quality. A successful integration was achieved with various technologies, including ByB (web), Marotta (web), BPM, SAP, Salesforce, ITS, KSRM, Nadin, and Grip.

Additionally, Ataway provided ongoing support for the automations, implemented infrastructure solutions for process stability, and applied agile methodologies supported by JIRA Software for efficient task tracking, involving the entire team in the pursuit of high-quality results.

Scope of Activities

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Service: Consultation, Development, and Support. Project Duration: 24 months of development followed by continuous support services.