RPA for Argentinian top Fiduciary Bank

Ataway Buenos Aires has been chosen to support Argentina’s main financial trustee in the implementation of Process Automation using RPA.

Our client develops commercial banking activities and those related to investment banking, providing a comprehensive service by structuring operations that represent an adequate balance in the risk-return ratio for investors. It is the only bank in Argentina whose foundational objective is to contribute to the development of capital markets.  

The implementation includes the automation of 10financial processes. 

Several hours were spent by client employees uploading financial trust declarations into different websites. Bots developed on Automation Anywhere platform work as an efficient assistant, uploading and downloading files, interacting with Excel sheets. 


Reduced costs, Improved Scalability and Better Security! 

Ataway´s RPA team worked with the client’s Project´s team on these activities: Analysis, development, and maintenance of 10 Bots. 

Scope of activities

Countries in scope: Argentina. 

Service level: Offsite Consulting – Development Services 

Duration: 4 months development plus support. 

Location of service performed: Buenos Aires.