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A general message from the Ataway Japan management team about hiring plans amid the COVID19 situation:

Firstly, we hope that this message finds you safe.
Amidst the current crisis, organizations are freezing hiring, implementing cost control measures, and projects are being put on hold. In this environment, it is easy to become conservative and stop focusing on growth.
At Ataway, taking risks, moving when others stop, becoming aggressive when others become timid, is part of our culture. This helped us achieve an outstanding year of growth in 2019, developing new offerings and strengthening existing ones.
Despite the current situation, Ataway Japan intends to continue looking for top talents to join us and help build a unique company where everybody can be successful and achieve more.
At the same time, the current environment poses some real challenges to every organization and forces them to become innovative to ensure business continues.
Ataway has currently mandated all employees to work from home; however our search for great talents does not stop. All meetings and interviews will be conducted remotely, though we also keep the flexibility to meet in person where that is a preference.
If you are interested in being part of a great adventure, working in a dynamic and challenging environment to make a real impact, we would love to talk to you.
Stay safe, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.
– Ataway Japan