Quality Policy

Ataway is a company dedicated to developing innovative technology solutions to meet client’s needs. It is Ataway´s goal to continuously provide high quality services, on time, to all our internal and external clients. Our commitment is to continue improving our processes establishing quality objectives as part of our strategic planning. Processes and controls implemented such as tasks performed properly the first time, centralized communication and emphasis on requirements, are key factors of Ataway´s quality success. This way, services meet established and agreed-to requirements to meet the needs and expectations of our stakeholders as shareholders, clients, employees, partners, suppliers, government control agencies and other offices.

Quality, client satisfaction, talent development, continual improvement and compliance with clients and regulatory requirements are the personal responsibility of every Ataway employee.

Client satisfaction

Ataway success depends on client satisfaction. We look for extraordinary performance in every area of our business.

Ataway will have satisfied clients when we understand their needs, requirements and preferences, and when our performance in every area is aligned to meet or exceed these expectations.

Talent development

Ataway looks to develop its talent by investing in training and research, in order to remain at the forefront of new technologies and state of the art tools that turn up in the market. Ataway promotes professional evolution and improvement of competencies of all resources as a strategy that leads to excellence.

Continual improvement

Best practices will be identified and implemented throughout the company, with a continuing challenge to identify opportunities for innovation and improvement. An important method for improvement is motivation, education and development of all employees. This is a joint responsibility shared among employees and management.

Compliance with client and regulatory requirements

Ataway centers on its resources, tools and methodologies to fulfill all applicable laws, regulations and client requirements. Ataway stays vigilant on its processes and procedures to maintain top level performance.

Regular processes and procedures assessment and evaluations are key factors to focus on compliance.

Anibal Serantes

Managing Director, Ataway Buenos Aires.


Quality Management System is applied to activities that affect the quality of the processes carried out by the organization. ISO 9001:2015. The scope of the Quality Management System covers the processes of:

  • Implementation, Support, Evolutionary Maintenance and Development of Third-Party Applications for Enterprises and Custom Software Developments.