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A Global Team

One of the key differentiators of Ataway is its people.

When Ataway started 15 years ago, it comprised of a small team with just a handful of people working together, one project after another, with a passion to deliver. The successes of these projects, which enabled Ataway to grow to where it is now, were based on the skills of our consultants and the complete dedication to our customer’s objectives and interests.

Today the objective remains the same. Coming from a small handful to now hundreds of people, we keep the same spirit alive and the passion to deliver. We now have 17 offices and more than 440 consultants around the globe, working together as a global team to support our customers. Most of our consultants, wherever they are located, have worked or are currently working with people from other offices. Our experienced consultants are recruited based on their expertise in projects, processes, systems and consulting skills, and most importantly, their passion in delivering successful projects. Ataway is also investing heavily in new talent in order to ensure growth and sustainability. Each office has a recruitment program, enrolling young graduates. New associates are carefully selected, trained and coached to become the experts of tomorrow.

Whenever you start working with us, even if it’s just with one consultant, you can be assured that behind this consultant, you will have the support of all Ataway’s teams. Our passion to deliver has only one objective: Your success.

The Ataway Management team

The Ataway management team has evolved with the ERP industry. Each of them have a background working for consulting firms with software editors. They all have years of project experience in every region of the world working with all types of projects and solutions. They fully understand the challenges that clients face when defining strategies, choosing vendors and delivering projects. You can be sure to find in them a trusted partner whose utmost priority will be to help you meet your objectives. The Ataway management team’s only objective is to make you successful in any ERP transformation challenge you have.

Our Management team:

  • Jean-Michel Isoir: Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Damian Jankowski: Chief Operations Officer (COO)
  • Bibiana Mercuri: Director, Talent Management
  • Pablo Lopez: Managing Director, Mexico
  • Quang Nguyen: Managing Director, Japan
  • Dong-Suk (Mike) Park, Managing Director, Korea
  • Anibal Serantes: Managing Director, Argentina
  • William Leo: Managing Director, Greater China
  • Jean-Marc Eliezer: Managing Director, France

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