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Supporting Your Procurement Operations

Human Resource Management experts know that payroll affects everything from employee morale to company reputation. Payroll systems are essential in providing accurate information to all levels of your organization, enabling you to run your business profitably and proactively. Ataway is here to ensure your payroll processes are efficient and compliant.

Our Procurement Expertise

Highly experienced in business process consulting, we help our clients improve overall efficiency by delivering smart solutions.

 With more than 15 years of experience and numerous successful payroll projects at the regional and global level, we understand with precision what the world’s leading corporations need. Ataway consultants bring expertise from both the industry and operational sides to help you implement a  business-connected payroll solution that caters to your needs and meets the statutory requirements of your unique governing bodies.

If you enjoy exploring how people, business processes transformation and the newest technologies help our clients to improve their organizations, then Ataway might be the right fit for you.

Why Work with Us

We start by assessing the efficiency of your payroll management processes. We use the Ataway consultancy methodology to find the right tools to make your payroll process more efficient. Finally, we bring you up to speed with local, regional, and global financial compliance regulations that affect your business.


Guiding customers in all stages of the RPA lifecycle; from process review, opportunity selection, business case development onto building the RPA solution.


AI is an important solution for enterprises to achieve a better optimization and flexibility of business processes.


BPR involves redesign of core business processes by optimizing end-to-end processes in order to achieve improvements in productivity, quality, time cycles, and costs.

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